Policies & Terms

Thank you for your understanding with regard to our office policies. LEARN’s primary focus is patient care and we strive to create a therapy plan that creates the least amount of strain for our families financially.”


We are committed to providing our patient’s with the best possible care. If you have medical insurance, we will be happy to assist you in obtaining the maximum benefit your policy offers. In order to do this, we need your help, as well as your understanding of our payment policy.

We will bill your insurance directly, if it has been demonstrated that your policy covers Speech Therapy. This will require a copy of your current insurance card with the appropriate insurance information and a billing address. We will also need a prescription from your medical doctor for Speech Therapy services. All insurance plans require a prescription in order to pay for Speech Therapy. Please note: we encourage you to contact your insurance to determine your speech therapy benefits prior to services.

If it has been determined that your insurance does not cover Speech Therapy, we will work out a payment agreement that will be discussed prior to your first appointment.

Please remember that you are responsible for any outstanding deductible, as well as any portion of the bill that your insurance company does not pay.

Payments and Co-payments for services are due at the time of your appointment. Our office requires a credit card be placed on file for all co-payment/deductibles and that balances be paid prior to the next session. Our office accepts cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express as well as HSA cards.

Broken Appointments and Cancellations

Regarding charges for cancellation of appointments — If you are not going to be able to keep your scheduled appointed, please notify us 24 hours in advance to avoid a flat rate late charge of $65.00 a session. These charges cannot be billed to your insurance company so they must be paid by the patient or patient’s family at the time of the next appointment. If the patient has been sick and you are not sure whether or not he/she will make the next scheduled appointment, just call and give us a “warning”. If you end up cancelling the appointment, there will not be a charge for a late cancellation. If there is a third No Show, the office reserves the right to discharge you from the clinic. We really dislike having to do this, but we really need some notice to allow other patients to schedule. We turn away other people needing care in order to hold a place for a patient.

Additional Charges

A $25.00 charge will be added to any returned checks, and balances older than 30 days will be subject to interest charges of 1.5% per month plus a late charge of $25.00.


Initial evaluations are typically provided in several sessions depending on the amount of testing required. Your therapist will discuss with you the number of sessions required to complete the evaluation at the end of the first session. After the contact sessions for the evaluation are provided, the therapist will need additional time to compile data and generate the report. Please allow up to 5 business days for the report to be generated after the final contact session has been provided to receive recommendations for treatment. These recommendations will be provided in person at a scheduled follow up session. Evaluation reports will not be emailed/mailed.

Treatment Sessions

In order to provide the treatment to the patient in a timely manner, it is important to adhere to the schedule provided.

One hour treatment sessions consist of 45-50 minutes of direct treatment time with the patient, as well as 5-10 minutes to discuss the session with a family member/caregiver at the end of each session. The balance of the hour is to be used by the therapist for documentation purposes.

It is important to follow this schedule so that all of our patients receive the time allotted to them in a given session. If you need more time to discuss concerns/progress of your child, please let us know so that a consultation appointment can be scheduled.


Initial Evaluation reports are provided to insurance companies and medical doctor’s to convey findings and treatment plans. These reports are billed directly to insurance/the financial party.

LEARN provides monthly summaries to our patient’s MD’s at no additional charge. We will also be happy to supply a patient’s family with a copy free of charge provided we have written consent from the patient/caregiver/conservator to do so.

When an insurance company requests a more detailed report to authorize services, we must comply even if the insurance does not reimburse for the report. If the insurance does not pay for the report, then the fee must be billed directly to the patient/financial party. Please keep in mind that without the report (even though the insurance might not pay for it), the patient will NOT be eligible for further services. Report fees are dependent on complexity and length of the report requested.

If you personally request a report or progress summary be written for your child for a school IEP, another agency, or for personal use, the above-mentioned fee will also apply.

Court appearances/Subpoena’s

If LEARN is subpoenaed for a court appearance or a consultation with an attorney is required the following rates shall apply: $125 per hour per therapist for phone consultations, $150 per hour per therapist for court appearance including waiting time, travel time and time used to respond to court request, and $50 per hour for administration needs including copies of charts. All fees will be billed directly to the patient for which the court case is intended.